Workshops with Jennifer Zunikoff

CHAI boys storytelling project Jan 2016

Jennifer facilitates the Boys’ Storytelling Project for the CHAI organization of Baltimore. Participants were African American and Jewish 8th graders.

Jennifer Zunikoff will design a workshop for your school or organization.

Popular Workshops include:

The Storytelling Classroom: Empowering Teachers and Students

Jennifer will model exercises you can use to spark student excitement for your subject and have your students telling stories too. Prepare for an emotional and active day! You will have the  opportunity to listen, learn, and become a teacher who uses storytelling to create a creative classroom where students are willing to take risks to connect to you, to each other, and to the  curriculum. This program is available as a full day workshop, or as a series of seminars.

Storytelling Summer: Empowering Staff and Campers

Tell Me A Jewish Story
This workshop includes several sessions that provide basic information about how to create, remember, and tell Jewish stories, as well as information on Jewish storytelling resources  and storytelling games.

StoryPlay—storytelling games for K – 3rd grade
Storytelling 101—storytelling basics for 4th grade and up
Storytelling for Performers—and for those who want to be, designed for middle and high school students
Arriving in America—middle and high school students learn how to interview family members and create and share their family stories of immigration

Listen to our Stories
In this workshop, children have the opportunity to listen to their parents’ childhood stories and then, share them with the other participants. Parents will delight in seeing that their stories will be told to another generation!

Folktales for Families
In this delightful workshop, family members work together to create their own family folktale.

InterPlay Workshops
Jennifer is a certified InterPlay Leader. She will design a workshops tailored to your synagogue, staff meeting, or school. InterPlay is about creating community through play, and you will leave this workshop delightedly and deeply connected to your colleagues and friends!